We've been Roasting the very best coffee in the very best way since 1998. A lot has happened in that time. 

When Bob first bought a roaster and opened the cafe in downtown Montpelier, VT good coffee was hard to find. While Capitol Grounds Cafe has been a steadfast and diligent fixture in Montpelier for years, the coffee we roast has been traveling far and wide. It's easy to spot a bag of Bob's coffee in many stores and cafes up and down Vermont. We realized that many of our customers have never been to Montpelier and using the 'Capitol Grounds' name might not mean much to them so we feel it's time to have a name that reflects our roots more clearly to the people drinking our coffee. 

We are proud to (re)introduce 802 Coffee.

We're still the same group of dedicated individuals working tirelessly (and well-fueled with caffeine) to bring you the very best coffee from around the world. The name may have changed but our commitment hasn't. The coffee hasn't. The bag has, and we think you will love it. 

And don't worry, the name on the bags has changed, but Capitol Grounds Cafe hasn't.