Buy our coffee online or in the cafe. A list of other outlets is at bottom of page.

Woodchuck Blend -

Try this hardy blend - South American "Full City" balanced with an Indonesian French Roast. A great way to start the day! 100% Woodchuck.....

An underground blend ideal for brisk mornings while watching the sunrise over the Vermont hills.


Bob's House Decaf Blend  -  

(Medium Dark Roast)

A darker decaf blend with hints of French Roast, balanced acidity, some sweetness and a clean finish.


Bob's Senate Blend  -  

(Italian/ Viennese Roast)

Our ‘Italian’ Roast, actually a blend of dark-roasted Brazilian, spiced with Indonesian coffee and French Roast beans.  This is our darkest, most flavorful coffee. 


Bob's House Blend  -  

(Medium Dark Roast)

Organic/Fair Trade Indonesian and Mexican mingled with French Roast for a remarkably delicious and smooth blend.


Capitol Grounds Custom French Roast  - 

(French Roast)

Central American and Sumatran French Roasted coffees create a wonderfully hardy and flavorful blend.


Capitol Grounds House Espresso Blend  -  

Why does our espresso win praise from so many coffee lovers? 
Our own creative blend of seven types of coffee tastes sublime.


Other Outlets:

City Market, Burlington
Shelburne Market, Shelburne
Sweet Clover Market, Essex Junction
Luvin' Cup Café, Johnson
Village Wine and Coffee, Shelburne
Stowe Coffee House, Stowe
Granite City Brewing, Barre